Company Profile

PT. Meta Mata Medika

The Company is established in 2012 with the mission to be a one stop “shopping” and service center for Ophthalmic Product.

Although we are still a young company, we already have a strong market share in Indonesia and well developed plan to enhance our company in the future.

Not surprisingly, in our young age we have already been trusted by several well known companies in ophthalmic industry to be their exclusive distributor in Indonesia.

As our primary service, we provide our customer with a wide range of products, starting from from diagnostic to surgical instrument. Also, we are planning to add more products in the coming year to satisfy our customers demand.

Currently, We are the exclusive agent for the following brand:

  • Heidelberg,
  • Lightmed,
  • I-Optics,
  • Metrovision,
  • Albertheiss,
  • Microvision,
  • Alamedic and
  • Ophthalmed.

Plaza Maspion 3rd floor unit 3F
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya Kav 18
Jakarta Utara 14420
Phone : +62 2164701108
Fax : +62 2164701114