provides ultimate clinical flexibility, efficiency and safety by combing true Yelow (577nm) and Red (670nm) wavelengths with Micro (Sub-threshold) Pulse technology.

Yellow 577nm Wavelength: Is the ideal wavelength for photocoagulation treatment, having superior natural absorption properties compared to conventional argon 514nm, green 532nm, and other pseudo-yellow 561 & 586nm wavelengths.

Red 670nm Wavelength: Allows effective treatment of deep choroidal vessels and pathologies, whilst produces less scatter for better transmission through cloudy cornea or lens and allows for treatment in the presence of vitreous hemorrhages.

Micro Pulse: This novel approach delivers trains of short pulses, enhancing treatment flexibility by preventing laser induced thermal damage (sub-threshold treatment) and related treatment side-effects.

Micro (sub-threshold) pulse photocoagulation offers significant clinical advantages compared to conventional continuous wave lasers allowing a repeatable treatment approach and greater treatment scope.