Lightlas YAG

The LightLas YAG is an Nd: YAG laser photodisruptor system that provides ophthalmologists with a precise, and safe device for performing posterior capsulotomy, iridotomy and pupillary membranectomy, as well as other procedures that seek to rupture a structure within the eye.

LightLas YAG is mainly intended for the treatment of secondary cataracts or opacification of the capsule (posterior capsulotomy), and closed?angle glaucoma (iridotomy).

As a very unique feature, the LightLas YAG is the only laser of its kind that can be easily upgraded to the DeuxTM SLT/YAG combination system and function within the same integrated slit lamp design. This is performed by the addition of an SLT path (modules) to the laser unit, and an upgrade of system operating software.

The LightLas YAG has been designed with doctor and patient accessibility and comfort in mind. The new slim line design, outboard chinrest and maximum travel stand accommodates patients from the smallest to the tallest with equal ease. Even the largest patients can reach the chinrest without discomfort. For the physician, the LightLas YAG features dual handed controls, a large working distance between the objective and the patients' eye whilst a small working distance from the binocular eye pieces to the patient, drastically reducing the strain on the back when operating.

The large format displays are easy to read, with controls within convenient reach, make LightLas YAG the most user?friendly laser system available.

The system is can be used in clinic or outpatient department designed to meet the needs of the most discerning and demanding Physicians.

The system is positioned at very competitive rates, whilst despite having outstanding clinical performance, it can be further expanded and used with other LightMed lasers as a 'dual', 'tri' or 'quad' laser wavelength system, complementing physicians armamentarium, assuring better practice dynamics and making it a great investment.