MonCV One

MonCV One is a projection perimeter capable of static, kinetic, and mixed perimetry.

MonCV One is controlled directly under standard PC or tablet PC operating under Windows environment.

Examination data can be easily exported to other applications or accessed via a computer network.

Printouts can be made on standard compatible color printer (including
laser printers) or as .PDF files.

Static Perimetry
MonCv One offer two kinds of approach to Static Perimetry.

The first one is the "classic" square grid of tests points with full threshold algorithm

The second one is the Fiber Adapted Static Test (F.A.S.T) with optimized algorithm that maximize the useful clinical result using minimum time.

Kinetic Perimetry
MonCv One proposes different solution to kinetic Perimetry.

Mixed Perimetry is the combination of a kinetic isopter for the assessment of peripheral field and static perimetry for the evaluation of central field.

Fully Automated Kinetic Perimetry

Manual Perimetry which can be used in a way very similiar to the Goldman Perimeter